Fuji-San Real Mrs Jones


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N FI UCH NV-14 Jasam’s Oriental Grandson Of Cola NO38399/10

INT NORD UCH Jasam’s Incredible Secret Of Cola 09669/08 INT NORD FIN UCH NV00-03 WW03 Jasam’s Great Showman To Akido  19252/98 HD:  A           AA:  0
Jasam’s Interesting Silver Zabrina   05817/05
EURJW-05 Noidens Wilma The Winner For Jasams S55172/2004 FIN UCH Fuji-San Ukyo Katayama  FIN17331/00
NORD UCH Noidens Hana  S48332/97 HD:  A

FIUCH FIV07 FIJV07 Fuji-San Silver Star FIN52209/06

Fuji-San Formula One FIN18006/04 FIJV03 Fuji-San Adam’s Apple  FIN18490/03
FIUCH Fuji-San Xtra X’pensive  FIN47645/02
Sagapo Hepsankeikka FIN12840/05 FIUSH FIV03 Agrarium Justin Justrow  FIN17935/01
FIUCH Sagapo Otamut  FIN36958/02