JWW-03 Nv-03 N Uch DK Uch Jasam`s Perfect Love of Showman

Candy Jasam's Perfect Love of Showman (family dog in Denmark)


født/d.o.b. 19/07-2002
Patella FRI = Patella UA


Int Nord Uch NordV-00

NV-00 Jasam’s Great

Showman to Akido

Int Nord Uch SV-95 NV-97

Akido The White Prince in Nagasa»ki

N Uch NordV-87 Jasam’s Djaharu
N S Uch Samantha
Int S N Uch

Kullhagas Pretty Angelique

Int Nord Uch Vallbyvik’s Bear-San
Flying Ninja’s Natascha

Jasam`s Interesting

Silver Girl

Multi Uch

Silverbow Storm Boy

Aust Uch Lacebark Sno Toybear
Lacebark Sno Dream
Int Nord Fin Uch NordV-98-00

Kullhagas Beautiful Queen

Tom Puss Ice Teddy
Int Nord Uch Kullhagas Beautiful Fannylie